How to find the best and most creative places to work for the holidays

How to stay healthy in the cold weather for the new year?

And, what to wear to the office?

Here are 10 ideas on how to keep your company and your loved ones happy in the New Year.


Don’t have a camera?

The last thing you want is to be at a work-related event, even one that involves your boss or coworkers.

You can take a selfie with your mobile phone, or if you are more daring, take a photo with your selfie stick.

But, it’s best to keep it discreet.

That way, your boss won’t know that you took a photo of your face with a selfie stick and sent it to a reporter.


Wear black when you work.

Black is an excellent color to wear during winter and the new season.

It’s not as flashy as the black you’d wear for the summer or fall, but it will make the wearer look more professional.

Plus, it will give you a nice contrast with the bright red and blue of the office.


Take your own holiday pictures.

While you can’t use the hashtag, you can use Instagram or Snapchat.

With the right tools, you’re able to upload your photos, then your company will take a picture of you, and then they can use that image to post on Instagram.


Wear a white shirt.

If you want to show your boss, your family, or colleagues what you’re up to, wear a white t-shirt.

It will give them a good idea of what’s going on, and will look good too.


Use a camera.

Many people don’t have access to a DSLR, but there are ways to take photos without a camera, and even without a tripod.

Just grab a camera and take a snap.

There are a lot of great options out there, including smartphones, tablets, and drones.


Stay hydrated.

If your company is in the winter, try not to drink too much water, and don’t drink coffee or tea.

This can make it difficult to take a shower, and your skin can get irritated.


Donate a camera to your favorite charity.

You could get a gift card for your favorite organization.

Just remember to make sure that it’s not for the purpose of capturing photos of your boss.


Wear hats and gloves.

If working in the office is your main concern, make sure you wear hats and get gloves on when you’re out.

Wear gloves for your eyes, and wear glasses for your nose, too.


Bring a gift.

If that’s not your primary concern, don’t forget to give your favorite coworkers a gift with the hashtag #happynewyear.


Share your holiday photos on social media.

If sharing a holiday photo on social is your primary mode of communication, be sure to tag your pictures with #happyholiday and the hashtag @danceday.

This will let everyone know you’re happy to be back at work.