How to get cannabis oil in your state

Marijuana is currently illegal in the United States, but many states have passed laws permitting medical use of the plant.

Many states allow possession of small amounts of the drug for medicinal purposes, though the exact dosage is still unknown.

As more states move to legalize the plant, its sale, cultivation and distribution are booming, with the number of marijuana dispensaries expected to double in the next decade.

The United States has now seen more than 7.5 million legal marijuana sales in the past two years.

The Green2Go recreational marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts was the first marijuana dispensary to open in the state.

The dispensary, located in Auburn, was named after the Massachusetts state’s former governor, William Henry Green, who helped enact the state’s medical marijuana law in 1962.

The owners of the Green2Goes said they are open to the idea of opening a dispensary in the Commonwealth, but have been in talks with state officials.

“We’re open to any proposal,” said Daniel Sauer, founder of the recreational marijuana shop.

“We are trying to do what we can, but we’re still in discussions with the state to see what they want.”

The Green3Goes, a recreational marijuana store in Auburn also has a medical marijuana license in place.