How to get the most out of your CBD-rich cannabis stock

With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis, it’s become easier and cheaper to access cannabis for medical and recreational use.

But with so many companies selling recreational cannabis stock, there’s still a lot of uncertainty around where to start investing in cannabis stocks.

As it turns out, there are some companies that have been able to consistently outperform the stock market, while others have suffered the same fate.

Here’s a look at five stocks that have consistently outperformed the stock markets in recent years, but still managed to lose money.


Aurora Cannabis, Inc. Aurora has long been a pioneer in the medical cannabis space, which is why they’ve been able keep growing despite losing money for most of the past decade.

But that doesn’t mean the company has been immune to the cannabis market’s bull market.

With a market cap of $10.4 billion, Aurora Cannabis’s stock price rose nearly 100% during its first five years of existence, and even more recently, the stock has risen nearly 500% in the last year alone.

Aurora also owns Cannabinoid Corp., which is the parent company of a brand of medical cannabis.


Cannabis Sativa, Inc., (NASDAQ: CVS) The parent company to Cannabinoids and a number of other cannabis-related companies, Cannabis Sativio has seen their stock price skyrocket nearly 1,000% in just the past year alone, despite being one of the oldest companies in the cannabis industry.

With more than 1,300 dispensaries, Cannabis sativa also provides a variety of strains of cannabis to help patients get the medicine they need.


Kiva Health Inc., Inc. KIVA is the oldest and largest cannabis dispensary chain in the United States.

In fact, Kiva is the largest and oldest dispensary in North America.

However, it was recently purchased by a Chinese company, the largest in the country by a long shot.

Kivas CEO, James Holtermann, claims that the deal will create a $20 billion cannabis industry and boost Kiva’s bottom line by as much as 40%.


Vioxx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(NASDAQ OMX: VIOXX) VioXX Pharmaceuticals is a medical cannabis company that manufactures cannabis oil.

They’ve had a pretty good year so far, with profits increasing over 70% from 2016 to 2017.

Their stock price has also risen over 600% in that time, which has helped propel their stock to an all-time high.


Epidiolex Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Epi-X is the only cannabinoid treatment for epilepsy in Canada.

The company was acquired by the Canadian drugmaker GW Pharma for $4.4 million in December of 2017.

However they have struggled to live up to the hype surrounding EpiX, with losses creeping in over the last few years.


Hemp Foods, Inc (NASdaq: HEMP) Hemp Foods is a company that focuses on producing hemp protein and hemp seeds.

The stock price surged by 300% in 2016, but it’s fallen back to around $2 per share since.

The growth has been aided by the legalization of hemp for medical purposes, as well as the fact that the cannabis-derived protein in hemp is also used in many products.


Gannett Co., Inc.(NYSE: Gann) Gannets stock price went from a high of $26.20 in 2017 to $15.20 today.

That was an extremely volatile time in the stock’s history, as the company was forced to raise money from investors, including hedge funds and private equity firms.

However that money has since been repaid.

The recent announcement of the Federal Marijuana Tax Relief Act has helped ease the financial pressure on the company, and it’s expected to grow profits once the bill becomes law.


Cannatix Pharmaceuticals Inc.,(NASDAQOM: CANNA) Cannatax Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2012 by the son of famed cannabis researcher Dr. Jeroen van der Kolk.

With the company currently growing their own hemp hemp protein, the company is poised to break ground on their own medical cannabis research facility in 2018.


Cannabis Therapeutics Inc., a division of the world’s largest producer of CBD-Rich Cannabidiol,(NASTS: CBD) Cannabis Therapys is the company that makes cannabidol (CBD) oil.

Cannabids CBD-based oils are sold under the brand name BioCann and contain no THC.

However BioCamp was founded by Dr. Michael Biederman, who has spent years researching the effects of CBD oil on various diseases.


CannaRoyalty, Inc(NAS: CNR) Canna Royalty is a global cannabis-based company that specializes in supplying medical cannabis products to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

CNR currently has over 400 employees, with the majority of them located in California.

Cannaroyalty is also one of two companies in Canada that