How to make a replica of the Mardi Gras floats on a floaty couch

What if you wanted to recreate a parade of floats, complete with floats, floatie chairs and balloons?

Well, that’s what the Cincinnati Recreation Commission is trying to do.

That’s because it wants to bring floats back to the streets of the Cincinnati-Moorhead metropolitan area.

The floats are part of a larger campaign by the Cincinnati Parks and Recreation Department to bring back the floats to the area.

The float is an essential part of the fun.

They can float on the surface of a lake or on the sidewalk, as long as they’re floaty enough.

But if you’re going to make them floaty, you want to make sure that they’re all floaty.

So the idea is to bring floaties back to downtown Cincinnati, where they’re going up in a new floaty chair to float the parade.

The goal is to recreate the floaty chairs and floaties that people used to float on in Mardi Gantt City.

They’re made of wood, and they can be used to create floaties for the parade, said Jeff Davis, a recreation commissioner.

It’s going to be a very fun day.

It’s going on the first day of Carnival.

And we’re going out to celebrate with the city.