How to make sure your Westwood Ranch is the perfect summertime vacation destination

What to bring to a Westwood ranch vacation: Food: This is a good thing to bring.

The family-friendly food menu features plenty of fresh produce and locally sourced ingredients.

Be prepared for the occasional “soup dumplings,” but most items are made to order.

Bring a picnic basket, too.

Be sure to bring a large cooler with water, but that’s optional.

Bring your own sunscreen and sunscreen lotion, though.

The shade is not necessary, but it can be helpful to bring sunscreen for the first few days in the sun.

The food menu is more affordable, and the ranch offers a great selection of fresh vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts, too, as well as meats and fish.

Bring the right amount of sunscreen, though, to keep your skin healthy and dry.