‘Morto’: Alleged ‘tourist trap’ on the slopes of Mt. Fuji

A man who was reportedly spotted by mountain visitors enjoying the slopes at Montecchio in the south of Italy has been detained by authorities.

Police said in a statement that an Italian tourist was arrested on Sunday for allegedly having made a fake visit to Montecchiu, a mountain in the Alps, in an attempt to get “exotic” views.

According to reports, the tourist, named only as Giuseppe, was arrested while on a trip to the mountain and was reportedly released shortly after.

Police do not know whether the tourist’s name was known to them.

The tourist was reportedly caught by the police on Monday and was detained until Wednesday, when he was released.

According in a local report, he was found to have used his phone on the mountain during the visit, and that he had also taken photographs with his phone and camera on the hillside.

Authorities said that Giuseppo is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

The Italian interior ministry confirmed the arrest, and said that they were looking into the possibility that the tourist was involved in a “touristic trap”.