Parks and recreation agency says it’s reviewing ‘significant impact’ of new trail closures

WASHINGTON — The Interior Department is reviewing a plan to close some of Washington’s busiest trails, including the Greenway Trail, after the Trump administration announced a new “recreation” management program.

The announcement Monday from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke included an estimated $1 billion in new funding to support the closure.

The department’s review will focus on trail closures in Washington state, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Idaho, and the agency says the closures will affect some of the most popular recreational destinations in the nation.

Interior Department spokeswoman Emily Hays said the agency will begin reviewing the program later this month.

The Greenway and Trail Trails are the most active recreation areas in Washington, with over a million visitors a year.

The new program will allow for the agency to fund the construction of a new trail that will be maintained for 30 years.

That trail, which runs from the Oregon border to the southern border of the state, is expected to open in 2019.