The Latest: ‘It’s a great place to work’

A former marine and his wife are planning to move into an undeveloped coastal park in the Australian outback.

Key points:The couple, who were married in New Zealand, are looking to lease their cottage to a business in New South WalesThe couple will pay about $1,400 a weekThe couple are looking for a site in the Northern TerritoryThey will rent out the cottage to an outdoor recreational resortCottages like these are popular in New Guinea, but are now a bit of a rarity, with only around 1,000 being available in the region.

“It’s not the norm, it’s a very unusual place to live,” said Mr Wollstonecraft, who is now working in tourism management at New Zealand’s Port Kembla Marine Park.

“The conditions are quite extreme, we’re in a desert and there’s no water, it can be quite cold, there’s very little wildlife and it’s just not the ideal situation to live in.”

We’re looking to rent out our cottage and we’ll be able to rent it out for $1.400 a night, and then we’ll pay rent for our two children.

“Mr Wollsmith said the family had moved to the New South Welsh capital, Newcastle, with their two sons, aged eight and seven, after leaving their home in Wellington in the 1970s.

They are currently looking to purchase a cabin in the coastal town of Cottau, and are considering leasing out the place to a company.

Mr Wellstonecraft said the couple had been renting out their cottage for four years and had been happy with the conditions.”

In New Zealand we don’t really have any accommodation that’s as remote and as remote as what we’re looking at in the NT,” he said.”

There’s not much wildlife, we’ve got no water and there are very little people.

“I think we can be more adventurous and we can do things differently, but we’re very comfortable here.”

Mr and Mrs Wollcraft’s cottage is currently available for rent for about $3,000 a week.

“They’re quite fortunate because they’re not really being forced to do anything in this particular situation, they’re just having fun,” he added.

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