Waterloo recreation areas to be renamed for two local boys who died in 2015

A Lakehead family has created a list of names and images of two local children who died as a result of neglect and abuse during the 2015 Great Lake Erie floods.

The Lakehead Waterfalls, a group of eight lakes in Lakehead, Ontario, have been named for one of the two boys who drowned while swimming in their pools in April of that year.

According to the Lakehead Community Association, the name change comes after a letter from Lakehead police, who were told by the families that a second son had drowned in the same pool, after another boy drowned in that pool.

The names of the other two boys have yet to be announced, and are expected to be released in the coming days.

The Lakehead Fire and Emergency Services department said in a news release that the boys had been in the water with their father when they were found by police.

The father of the boy who drowned was taken to hospital.

The other boy, who had been playing with his father, died from his injuries.

“It’s heartbreaking to think that the Lakehouse family will never know what happened to their two sons,” said Dave Ebeling, a spokesperson for Lakehead Regional Council, which oversees the region.

“Their loss has no place in Lakehouse.

Their loss has been forever lost.”

Lakehead is located about 25 kilometres north of Toronto.