Which Recreational Therapy Centers Are Best for Older Adults?

A new report finds that recreational therapy centers are among the best options for older adults with chronic health conditions.

The report, titled Recreational Therapists: A New Generation of Professionals in the Fitness Industry, surveyed over 2,000 fitness professionals in the U.S. and found that recreational therapists can improve their lives in ways that are important to their clients.

The study found that the majority of recreational therapists believe that physical activity improves their quality of life, but that they can also improve their quality by practicing the skills they teach.

For instance, recreational therapists in the survey said that they experienced a 50 percent decrease in pain, a 62 percent increase in anxiety, a 40 percent increase, and a 33 percent decrease compared to those who did not participate in recreation therapy.

Other benefits of recreational therapy include decreased levels of stress, improved sleep, increased energy levels, and reduced physical and mental health problems.

While recreational therapists have become more visible in the fitness industry, they are still relatively new in the field of wellness, according to the study.

The research also found that, overall, recreational therapy is the most effective and affordable option for older people who suffer from chronic health problems and want to improve their physical health.

However, while recreational therapists are among a growing group of professionals, their health and wellbeing can be better served by working with physical therapists or physical therapists in other professions, the study found.

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