Why a cat rescue is worth it for outdoor lovers

Posted April 06, 2019 14:32:16 A new outdoor activity called Catskill Recreational Warehouse is gaining traction in the cat-loving community.

The new indoor space, opened at the Catskill Recreation Center, will be the only outdoor space in the Catskills.

Owner Chris Lebron and his wife, Trish, built the space from scratch and hope to turn it into a full-service outdoor venue.

Lebrons father, former police officer Robert, is the founder of Catskill Rescue.

Lebron said he wants to turn Catskill into a sanctuary for rescued cats.

Catskill is about 15 minutes from his home in West Chester, Pennsylvania, but they have to make the trip to the park every day to see their kittens.

He has also installed a new outdoor play area and will be installing solar panels.

LeBron said the new space will provide cats with an opportunity to play and interact with other people.

Catskill Rescue has been around for about 30 years.

Its founder, Tom, was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey.

They started the rescue because of a litter box, which he said was an option when he lived in New Hampshire.

“If you had a litterbox in your house, there was nothing you could do,” he said.

“We needed a place where cats could play.

Thats where the cats were.

Theyre like children to us.

That is how we started Catskill.”

“We want to build a community that cat people can be part of,” Lebons father said.

The Lebros will also be installing an outdoor dog park with a goal to expand the outdoor space to a third of the space.

Leben’s husband, Rob, is a former police chief in New Zealand.

Rob Leben is the chief operations officer of Catskiller Rescue, which is located in Westchester County, New York.

Rob Leben, who has a background in public safety, has been the director of operations for the shelter since 2016.

Rob and Trish Leben have been cat rescue for about 20 years.

He said the idea for the Catskrills was born out of a need to build an outdoor space for cats that could be a sanctuary.

He said his wife has an addiction to cats and they have been separated for two years.

Rob said the cats that have been rescued in the past have had the same problem.

They have been abandoned and they dont have a home.

Cat lovers are encouraged to donate to the Catskilled Rescue.

The shelter provides free adoption services and supplies for abandoned cats.