Why I love my Florida Keys vacation: What to expect, where to stay, and where to eat

The summer vacation is over, and I am ready to put aside my family’s holiday and get back to a life of leisure.

It’s a big part of what makes Florida Keys such a beautiful place.

There are plenty of places to get a tan, eat at restaurants, and soak in the sun, but the true highlight of the year is visiting a few of the state’s historic towns.

There’s no doubt that Florida Keys is an exciting place to visit.

It is also a place that is full of amazing, unique, and delicious food, and while the people here have done an amazing job of catering to this desire, they haven’t done it without some basic rules.

Here are the rules for visiting Florida Keys.


You have to be at least 18 years old and not a Florida resident.

You are allowed to take photos of yourself in the park.


If you are caught, you will be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor punishable by up to $500 in fines and up to 6 months in jail.

You can also be arrested for trespassing if you are a guest in a private residence.


You may not drive any vehicles into the park without a valid Florida license.

You must register with the park in order to drive.


You cannot go into the National Marine Sanctuary.


You should bring a leash and leash chains, but you may bring only the appropriate size.

You don’t have to bring a chain if you’re not wearing it. 6.

You will be responsible for paying for any damages that occur as a result of your violation.


You need to be able to read and write English, but English is not a requirement.


It would be nice if there was a guide on hand to explain what is allowed and not allowed in the parks.


The state of Florida does not permit the sale or use of any animal, including humans.


Pets must be leashed at all times and you must keep them at least 12 feet away from people.


Pets are allowed in pools, but they must be kept at least 6 feet from other pets.


Pets may not be kept in the beach area, in swimming pools, or in any other area that is closed to the public.


Pets cannot be released outside of the park, unless they are leashed.


Pets do not need to stay in a single location.

They may stay in any part of the parks where they are allowed.


Pets will not be allowed into any of the beaches or swimming pools that are closed to guests.


Pets can be leash-tied at any time and the owner of the pet is responsible for removing their leash at the end of the day.


Pets should not be left unattended while on public beaches.

They should be returned to the beach in a reasonable time.


You do not have to have a pet license to visit the parks, but all dogs must be at home when they visit.


Pets in the state park are allowed but not encouraged to be leashes on guests.

Pets on the beach should be kept on a leash.


Pets under the age of 8 years old are not allowed to enter the park or the park’s swimming pools.


You and your pet must follow all park rules.


Pets that are over 8 years of age will be allowed in certain areas of the resort.


Pets with special needs or people with special health or medical concerns are not permitted in the pools.


Pets need to have proper water bowls, food, treats, and a safe enclosure.


Pets have to wear a leash in the water and in the heat of the sun.


Pets at the park must be fully supervised.


Pets over 6 feet in length must wear a leashes, a collar, and be under supervision at all time.


Pets and people over 6 ft in length cannot have access to the water or the swimming pool.


Pets staying in the same room will need to separate, unless you are not planning on sharing the same bed.


Pets stay in the house if it is a separate room from the main room.


Pets require the use of a separate entrance and must be given an appropriate leash and collar when entering or leaving the house.


Pets not allowed into the state parks may only be in the main areas of all parks.

Pets traveling into the parks must be licensed, and must comply with all rules.


Pets of all sizes must be on a harness when entering the park grounds.


Pets who are over 6 years of a specific age cannot enter or leave the state of Georgia.


Pets or people over six feet in height cannot swim in the swimming pools of the State Park.


Pets between the ages of 12 and