Why you should listen to this album for the first time

seattle reinterpretive collective’s first album is now available for purchase on iTunes!

The album was recorded in 2011, and is currently being played on the album release night party at the Seattle Recreative Collective.

The first time I listened to the album was last summer at a record store in Vancouver.

It was a bit weird, I mean I’m not usually into ambient music, and it’s kind of weird.

It’s really hard to describe to someone who has never listened to ambient music.

But it’s also very good.

There’s some kind of electronic music, but it’s really nice.

It was a really interesting experience, because it was the first album that I had listened to and I hadn’t listened to any of their other albums before.

I hadn, and I kind of wanted to listen to everything.

I think I was a little bit lost.

It kind of felt like, well, what’s the point?

But then, as I listened, I realized that the first thing that I was missing was something like ambient music that’s not like what I was listening to in my head.

So I started listening to other ambient music and then it all clicked together.

And that was really interesting.

The album has two tracks, “The Day I Died” and “The Night I Came”.

The first one is a very haunting acoustic track, which was recorded at the Sound Lab in Seattle.

It opens with a sort of slow acoustic guitar.

And then you start to hear some kind a vocal, kind of whispering, sort of like a whisper.

It feels like you’re in a very dark place.

And the lyrics are very cryptic.

It is very cryptic, but the sound of the vocals is very, very quiet.

So, it’s very atmospheric.

I was really happy with that.

The second track, “Nocturnal,” is a piano and acoustic track that is actually a meditation.

It starts out very quiet, then it starts to grow more and more and it starts playing a bit more slowly, and you get to this sort of trance-like feel, and then, finally, it starts opening up a bit and you’re able to feel the rhythm.

It sounds really different, and the lyrics don’t really say anything.

It all sounds very much like this dream state, where there is this sense of nothingness.

It does sound very peaceful.

And then, the last track, the one that I am going to mention, is “The Morning.”

It’s actually a very quiet acoustic track.

The opening is really very slow, but then the piano starts to go into this kind of slower, softer sound.

It also starts to sound like something out of a video game.

It just kind of kind of fills you in.

So the lyrics really aren’t that great.

And, in the end, it kind of ends with this kind, beautiful, kind, slow acoustic piano.

It has this sort, very peaceful, peaceful quality to it.

And it kind, just sounds very soothing and calming, and kind of comforting.

And so that was pretty special.

It felt like a dream state.

I don’t know if you have ever listened to this particular album before.

It actually was a recording done by the SoundLab, and that was actually a recording studio in Seattle, and this studio was used for recording other artists like the Grateful Dead and Alice Cooper.

But this one was just an entirely different studio, and so it was not recorded at a studio like that.

It came out of an entirely separate, totally different place.

I don’t have any other albums that I’ve listened to in a studio, or any recordings that I have listened to that were recorded at this studio.

I was very fortunate to be able to listen the first record.

I would have never heard the album in the first place, but I was able to see it, and actually watch the recordings and hear them, and have the experience of actually seeing the album recorded.

I had a really cool experience listening to it, I think, because the way it was recorded, it sounded so strange, and was just very quiet and very intimate.

So listening to the record, it was so good that it really made me feel like, okay, I should listen more and listen to all of their albums, because I think they are all really good.

It’s amazing that they actually did it in an entirely completely different way.

I know that people are very protective of their privacy, but in my opinion, it is not worth protecting your privacy and being so secretive about it.

If you’re going to listen it and then talk about it, then you’ve lost the opportunity to actually get to know someone who is a part of this record, because of the way they recorded it.

I guess they were not really listening to anything.

I mean, they’re not really into any of the ambient music they’ve recorded.

They were listening to music that I think is ambient. It wasn